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Dave Kent first established DAKS in London in 1996 after redundancy from BT. He set up the business to provide an exchange service for Siemens Business System telephones in the London area. Additional work followed, including a massive survey of Fullers Brewery's telephone equipment; laptop hard drive swap outs, vdu swaps and delivery and installation of computer hardware for the Royal Bank of Scotland's takeover of NatWest. As the delivery side of the business expanded, Dave found himself taking on the local Express Despatch overnight franchise too!

Soon, Dave realised that these high volume, low cost deliveries left a gap in the market where quality of service was more important than cost. He restructured DAKS, and began building his business in dedicated high quality deliveries.

DAKS relocated to Wellingborough in 2004, winning a small customer base that has seen him deliver Critical Care medical equipment, high performance cars, and American V8 race engines from the local area to the rest of the UK ever since.

Dave's work with young people, through Social Services Leaving Care Teams, has earned him a reputation as genuine and reliable, and  Personal Possessions moves have remained an important part of DAKS business for over 7 years.

A full range of services are on offer, ranging from small local deliveries to national projects, and many things in between, all undertaken with the emphasis on care, quality and providing the solution to the customers' needs .

Dave has an interest in classic cars, and provides careful, understanding service to several car clubs members. He also takes an active part in  Club Triumph events.


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